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Jussi Karhunkorvan kuva

Artist's statement

My journey as an artist has been, and still is, long-distance cruising and drifting in space and time. In my paintings I illustrate the mental universe. Making art soothes my existential vagueness.

The most common techniques I use are a pencil, watercolor, gouache, ink, oil and sometimes acrylic. My paintings and drawings are sequenced. They are often the adventures of the same characters and landscapes, such as detective, shamanic witch, icefisher, soldiers, buddies, all kinds of creatures of the spiritual world and all kinds of deities. Colors are often powerful and bright. Chaotic, supernatural and yet close to nature. The style is mystical. Because of this my paintings often include a mysterious gate, which shines out supernatural light and is very refreshing.


My passion is film music, which at its best tells a story like I do. My favorite composers are for instance Ennio Morricone, Jerry Goldsmith, Lalo Schifrin, and many others. Special artistic role model I don't have, but for me nearby exemplary artists are for instance Aira Heikkilä, William Blake, Hieronymus Bosch,and at my adolescence also Vincent van Gogh, and others. The spirit of my doing always starts from the place and the situation in which I paint, and I am. Another areas of my interest is literature, writers such as Mika Waltari, Philip K. Dick, and CG Jung, to name a few. Though recently, I have only read the Finnish science magazine "Tiede".


Jussi Karhunkorva is a painter born in 1971 in Tampere, Finland. He spent his childhood and youth in Karhunkorva in the middle of Hanhonkylä's forests in the city of Ruovesi. Before art studies he studied at the Ruovesi high school and also one year at the Kuru Forestry School. Forestry machine driver studies remain unfinished because making art began to interest him more.

He began his art studies at the Orivesi College of Arts. In 2001 he completed the degree of Master of Fine Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. He currently directs art courses for the mental health clients in Tampere. In recent years, his works have been displayed in Helsinki, Joensuu, Kokkola, Turku, Vantaa, and Ruovesi. Some of his artworks are in public collections, such as at the Helsinki City Art Museum.